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Golden Mushroom Soup Recipe

What better way to spend a beautiful autumn day in the forest; wrapped in warm socks and wool sweaters, the scent of mushrooms in your nose?
A while ago we were on the road with friends in Utah and roamed the forest for hours, looking for chestnuts, umbrella, butter and birch mushrooms, goat’s lip, chanterelles, and the much sought-after porcini mushroom. Every few minutes a “porcini!” call came from another direction. Which only increased the collecting mania. Because once you start… you know. A basket of mushrooms can never be full enough!

Vegan Mushroom Soup Without Cooking

Mushroom soup is only for cold days? No way! Today I’ll show you how to make the winter classic summery fit for summer very quickly! This variation of the cream of mushroom soup is the banger. Wonderfully creamy, intensely mushroomy and full of good ingredients. It’s also super fast: the only kitchen appliance you need is a blender. What more could you want?

Cream of mushroom soup is part of the traditional Christmas menu in my family. I love it, but unfortunately in the traditional version with butter and cream, it is not very healthy and quite opulent. There must be another way to do this, I thought to myself. My goal: to conjure up a light summer dish from my beloved cream of vegan mushroom soup. So quick, fresh and delicious that it tastes good in every season. Challenge accepted!